The Northern Development Forum (NDF) wishes to express its gratitude and appreciation to all those who, following its appeal recently, have given financial and material support to the victims of the floods in the three northern regions of Ghana.
Consequently, the Forum has established a fund known as the Northern Relief Fund to manage financial contributions. The following accounts have been opened at the Agricultural Development Bank (ADB) ADB House, Accra:
Cedi Account Number: 1161000002986
US Dollar Account: 1162000000348
Auditors have also been appointed.
The Fund will be managed by one person from each of the three northern regions. They include Mr. Adam Sulley for the Upper West Region; Mrs. Susana Mahama for the Upper East Region and Dr. Hafez Adam Taher, Northern Region. It is under the Chairmanship of Dr. Hakim Wemah.
Ten members from each of the three regions have also been selected to serve on the following committees:
a) Fund Raising and Finance
b) Reconstruction
c) Public Affairs
d) Data Bank and Research
Following the heavy floods that have hit the three regions of the northern part of Ghana and the havoc caused in their wake, a group of like-minded people saw the need to meet in order to come up with measures to help the flood victims in the short-term and to consider drawing up a more comprehensive long-term plan and strategies for finding sustainable solutions to the distressed situation of the three regions.
The Forum wishes to register its appreciation to the Government of Ghana, development partners, diplomatic missions, NGO’s, religious bodies, the private business sector and individuals who have been providing relief to the victims of the floods.
We do express our solidarity with and sympathies to the people of other parts of Ghana and elsewhere in Africa who have been affected by floods.