NDF was formed on September 30, 2007 following floods that hit the three Northern Regions causing enormous havoc to lives and property. It was therefore imperative for northerners to come together and push forward a developmental agenda that would stand the test of time.

It was also formed on the values and ideals of being Non-Partisan, Non-Ethnic and Non-Religious.

NDF is mainly focused on addressing the Educational and Socio-economic development needs of the people of the three northern regions. In order for NDF to achieve its object, an Interim working was set up comprising the following committees;

  1. Fund-Raising and Finance Committee
  2. Reconstruction  and Development Committee
  3. Publicity and Public Affairs Committee, and
  4. Databank and Research Committee.

There is also a larger representative group of 10 people each from the Upper East and Upper West Regions and 15 from the Northern Region. Each Region has a representative each on the interim Executive Council.
NDF also makes conscious effort to engage elders and opinion leaders of the North, in order to share  their expertise and wisdom.
Current Executive Council, NDF.

  1. Dr. Hakeem Wemah – Chairman of NDF
  2. Dr. hafez Adam Taher – Representative of the Northern Region
  3. Mrs. Susana Mahama – Vice-Chairperson of NDF & Representative of Upper East Region
  4. Mr. Adam Sulley – Representative of Upper West & Director of Finance and Research
  5. Mr. Ben B. Assorow – Secretary of NDF.

 NB: NDF holds a general meeting every  last Sunday of the month.
 Please contact us for more details